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Spider Project
Spider Project Advantages
Best schedules and optimal utilization of project resources. Resource constrained schedules produced by Spider Project are usually characterized by lesser project duration and hence - by lesser costs than the schedules produced by other PM packages.
Calculation of Resource Critical Path (Critical Chain) and feasible activity floats (Feeding buffers).
Spider Project not only provides a possibility to set the activity duration, but also to plan the dates of activity execution basing on the volume of work to be done and the productivity of allocated resources. This approach allows using corporate norms and properly estimating activity execution.
Automated allocation of resources basing on their qualification, cost and productivities (advanced skill scheduling).
Unlimited number of Work and Resource breakdown structures.
Possibility to create and to use multiple project reference-books including the cost and material expenditure per volume unit for typical activities, resource productivity and workload on typical assignments, etc.
Possibility to create and to work with unlimited number of project versions. This feature allows to create unlimited what-if scenarios and to work with the project archives.
Risk simulation and calculation of necessary contingency reserves (including Project buffer) and current probability of achieving target project parameters.
Control of the success probability trends.
Possibility to use any additional characteristics of activities, resources and assignments.
Widest possibilities of cost and resource analysis. The users can simultaneously analyze costs in different cost units and using different cost databases. The number of cost components, cost accounts and cost centers is unlimited.
Simulation of consumption and revenues, resource expenditure and production. Calculation of cash flow for all expense items and cost centers as well as for any project material. Cost and material constrained scheduling.
Creation, storage and incorporation of typical project fragnets into the projects.
New types of reports like Linear diagram and Trend charts.
Optimal organization of team work and portfolio management.
Built-in tracking system allowing not only to adjust remaining work duration and volumes but also to obtain the reports on the project execution for any project element and for any time period.
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Project Management Professional Courses
Project Management is today a profession and a discipline, with a body of knowledge, a set of specific competences and a body of professional certification, Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Spider Management Technologies is approved Global Registered Education Provider (REP) by Project Management Institute to offer Project Management training courses. Since 1998, more than 5000 students participated to the training courses offered by Spider Management Technologies. Among the companies which benefit of our training courses are: UNESCO, Electronic Data Systems, Ericsson, Japan Tobacco International, Siemens, SAP AG, Lukoil Overseas, Russian Aluminium, Connex Vodafone, Romtelecom.

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